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Introduction: Paige Bessick-The Interactive Teacher

Hi there! I’m Paige Bessick, the face behind The Interactive Teacher.

Our Elementary Lives

I used to run a little blog named, Our Elementary Lives. I started it over 5 years ago with a group of fabulous teachers. We were a collaborative blog and we used to all post and share ideas for kindergarten through fifth grade. As a group, we created Our Elementary Lives as a way to show collaboration through the elementary school. Our blog had kid quips, classroom ideas, professional development book suggestions and more.

About a year or two into our collaborative blog, everyone else decided blogging was not for them. Once I did my first blog post, I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to do more and share tips and ideas with teachers all over the world. It was around this time that I also started my Teachers pay Teachers store. In there you will find mostly literacy resources for the K-2 teacher. Interactive read alouds, phonics and shared reading are my jam!

After a while, I started feeling like Our Elementary Lives did not “fit” me as a small business, blogger and curriculum writer. So…I came up with my new name and brand.

If you find resources, pins, or blog posts with my old name/logo, it’s still the same stuff, just with my old name. All of the blog posts that I wrote on will now transfer to my new domain. (Try it! If you click on the website, you’ll be redirected to my new website.)

The Interactive Teacher

Which is where we are today! I’ve created a brand that fits me better as an entrepreneur and teacher blogger. My website can now be with me forever. I can change it up how I see fit. But for now, I plan to stick with The Interactive Teacher and sharing ideas and resources that make learning interactive, engaging and fun!

Want to learn more about me? Read my about me section to learn more. You can also check out my start here section to learn more about the resources, tips, and ideas I share.

Thanks for checking me out. And as always, let me know if you have any questions or ideas. You can email me at [email protected].

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