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The Ultimate Read Aloud Guide: A Freebie

You probably know that Interactive Read Alouds are my jam.  They are my favorite thing to do with my students.  I have worked so hard the last couple of months to create THE ULTIMATE READ ALOUD GUIDE just for you.  Keep reading to find out more.

ultimate read aloud guide

Interactive read alouds are an important activity in any classroom.  They teach vital reading skills, bring up important topics and build community.   I have many blog posts about them if you’re interested.

Check out the MASTER Read Aloud Blog post >>HERE!<<

It has everything you need to get started and a list of all of my IRA blog posts.

Anyway, back to my read aloud guide. ????  I’ve worked hard the past couple of months to put everything you might need to get started with Interactive Read Alouds in your classroom into this ultimate guide.

Included In This Guide

This guide includes seriously, everything you might need to create engaging and interactive read alouds for your students.
  1. Information about Interactive Read Alouds including what they are and why you should do them.
  2. Common Core State Standards
  3. Tips & Tricks for Interactive Read Alouds from me, a first-grade teacher.
  4. How to plan interactive read alouds
    1. Activity options for before, during and after reading
    2. Types of questions to ask during your read alouds and examples
  5. Interactive Read Aloud Planner
  6. Blank vocabulary word and definition cards
  7. Printing on sticky note directions
    1. Sticky note templates for different size sticky notes
    2. Print & cut note template

Want this resource?

Here you can see a sample of the directions for how to plan them, the planner and types of questions you can ask.
Here’s a look at the step-by-step directions and the planner included with this resource.
This resource also includes EDITABLE templates for 4 different sticky note options and the print and cut notes that make read alouds super easy!  An editable template is also available for the planner and the vocabulary word and definition cards.
I really have tried to make planning and doing interactive read alouds in your classroom super easy.
If you have any questions about this guide or read alouds in general, I’d love to help.  Just email me >>HERE<< at [email protected] 
the ultimate read aloud guide
I hope you find this useful for your classroom.

More about Interactive read alouds

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all about interactive read alouds

This ultimate read aloud guide is FREE and tells you everything you need to know about interactive read alouds. You don’t want to miss out on this free resource.

I hope you find this helpful and can get to planning read alouds right away!

Happy reading!

make learning interactive, enganging, and fun!
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